Those of you who have read  the summer edition of the  IAM’s Advanced Driving  magazine will have seen a  small paragraph about our own  Jim Smallwood on page 63.   Back  at our AGM in March  when he was presented with  his award, EKAM was invited  to submit an article about Jim  and his long-standing  commitment to road safety.  The paragraph in Advanced  Driving bore very little  resemblance to this article. As editor of EKAM’s magazine,  I know just how difficult it is to please all the people all of the time but if I had  printed this travesty of journalism, I would now be looking for another way to  fill my time. Not only was the precis of the article very poor and left out salient  points, but the editorial desk missed a trick by not linking Jim’s shining  example of good riding practice with the article about older drivers in the  Spring issue (Time to Bust the Myth) and the Letters page in the Summer  edition. Advanced Driving is the IAM’s shop window and this lack of joined up  thinking tends to support the feeling among biking members that the IAM is  not really interested in motorcycling. It is members like Jim whose voluntary support and commitment over many,  many years has helped to make the IAM the recognised institution that it is  today and put EKAM in the top three clubs in the country.  To consign his story to a badly edited paragraph does the IAM no favours.  So it falls to Out in Front  to publish the story in full. We know that our readers  will join us in thanking Jim for everything he has done for EKAM, for the IAM,  for motorcycling, and for road safety.    Thank you Jim; EKAM appreciate you.