It was recently bought to my attention that on a couple occasions, the general  riding of two different motorcyclists left a bit to be desired in respect of general  road manners and demeanour. Not unusual you might think for the average  rider without the benefit of any advanced training.   One of these incidents was observed  by a police motorcycle officer who was  on the point of stopping the rider and  giving him some words of wisdom.  What stopped him, you might ask?  Could be something to do with the fact  that the rider was wearing an EKAM  hi-vis vest, and the officer in question  gave the rider the benefit of the doubt,  knowing what high standards EKAM  members usually demonstrate?  As these vests are only supplied to  riders who have completed their  training and passed their advanced  test, we must accept that the rider  was, or has been, a member of this  club. Whilst it is accepted that on rare  occasions even the most conscientious  rider may have an off moment and make a slight error, in general we all try to  maintain the standards we demonstrated for the test.     The point of this article is to give a gentle reminder to you all that whether you  like it or not, you are an advert for the club, especially if you wear a hi-vis vest  displaying the club logo for all to see. I do not want to dissuade anyone from  wearing a club hi-vis but please be aware that you and your personal riding  style are on show to other road users and you are an advert for the club: good  or bad.    I'm sure that you will all take this in the spirit it is intended.