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HeadLight: is dead, Long Live HeadLight:

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05 Nov 2017 13:01 - 25 Nov 2017 08:41 #2 by Admin
Admin created the topic: HeadLight: is dead, Long Live HeadLight:
Regrettably our old forum has died. The company hosting it (Prophpbb) decided that it would be better to migrate it to a new hosting company called Tapatalk. They did this without any consultation or notification and presented it as a fait accompli when it was too late to do anything about it. Accessing that forum became impossible without registering direct with Tapatalk, and even then existing user names and passwords didn't seem to want to work. As Webmaster for EKAM I was seriously unhappy with this turn of events as the forum had been in existence for many years and contained a wealth of information.

I had two main options; to attempt to retrieve the data file from the new host and reconstruct the forum on our own server, or start again from scratch. It seems I can't get access to the database file anymore so I have resorted to starting again. This will annoy some long-standing HeadLight: users I am sure and for that I apologise. The advantages of doing it this way is that we are no longer required to have a percentage of the forum on public display - we can hide everything if necessary, and members won't have to remember two different user names and passwords as it's now all under one roof as it were.

For pre-existing HeadLight: users - your login will NOT work on this forum. If you are also registered with the main club website then this login WILL work.

For members already registered with the main website you can either login as normal or login via the forum.

Phil West
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