The club produces a bi-monthly magazine which includes full details of forthcoming events as well as articles written by the members covering many diverse, fun and fact-filled articles, a small selection of which is published here on the website. A bi-monthly news sheet is also published and handed out at club nights between magazine issues.

As with any magazine it can only survive if people contribute to it. If YOU have a funny story to tell, an insight into machine handling or something more serious then the Editor would be only too pleased to hear from you. To submit an article just contact the Editor. You can include graphics or photographs (GIF, PNG or JPG format preferred).

Amusing one-liners for the Tailpipe section are also welcome.

Keeping In Touch

While the magazine will provide a lot of useful information about what the club is doing when it is published some things get missed off or change at short notice. For this reason the club has an alternative method of notifying its members of new or changed events.

The club uses a list of all electronically connected members, who may opt out if they wish, currently based on the Google Groups service. This is a simple and safe service but is intended to have one-way traffic only; from the club to the membership. There should only be two or three emails a month sent using this facility so there's no danger of your in-box being swamped. All new members are automatically signed up for this service but if you think you've been missed off then please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..